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I hope that as you visit my website, browse through my vintage treasures, connect with me on social media and perhaps make a purchase or two, you will feel the love that I put into each item. Whether it was a vintage find that spoke to me in a thrift shop, or a gift or decor piece of sola wood flowers I have created with my hands, I send each piece off with my love. Thank you so much for coming along on this new journey with me. I am so glad to have you along!

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My Story

What is a “Pibbon”, you may ask? Is it a family name? A cozy little spot nestled among the hills and dales along a pristine lake? The name of a beloved dog? Well, the answer is none of those, although, the sound of the word warms my heart and refreshes my soul! I am one of five girls born to Ed and Bette Morse, my loving parents and the patriarch and matriarch of the Morse family. I came quite a few years after my four older sisters, and the day after I was born, my dad took my four sisters with him to order some roses for my mom. You can imagine four teenage girls weighing in with their opinions on what should be sent, and my dad wanted five pink ribbons, one for each of his girls included with the roses. With the confusion of four chatty teenage girls, my dad misspoke and asked for “five pink PIBBONS”, instead of “five pink RIBBONS”. My older sisters thought that was hysterical… and poor Dad never lived it down! It was a standing joke in our family, and always made us giggle. To this day, when I say it, I can feel my dad right with me.


When I was trying to decide what to call my new venture, I wanted a name that was unique… whimsical… special… words that conveyed a feeling of fun, warmth, and coziness. Something that held a bit of enchantment, and continually brought to my mind the strength, warmth and love that helped me thrive as a child. I struggled to see how a website and name could possibly convey that cozy, creative, unique and whimsical feel I wanted to share. And then it came to my mind that "Pibbon" needed to be a part of the name. With the addition of "Cottage" the enchanted, cozy spot that lives in my heart and soul was created. I can feel it in my soul each time I say the name.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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